View More: effort to promote our third round of 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training this summer, we thought we’d let our recent grads do the convincing. Read more about Chris Corlett’s experience completing the Winter 2015 Training below.

It was Sunday morning during the first weekend of The River Yoga Teacher Training’s Second Edition. I had been a part of the clean-exchange program for about 8-10 months and had come to really enjoy the community environment fostered there. As it happened, the Teacher Training program had a spot open up on that first weekend and Christen (one of the leaders) was hit with a bolt of inspiration and generosity for which I will be forever grateful. She asked Katy (the other leader), “Why don’t we ask Chris to join?”

The River had been hoping to someday make a scholarship available for individuals who have shown an interest and are contributing members of the community. An opportunity presented itself, and I am the beyond-grateful first beneficiary of their kindness and generosity. It’s a quality that makes The River unique among yoga studios, and, in my experience, businesses in general.

So, after getting the ‘okay’ from Danielle, the amazing owner of the studio, they offered me the opportunity of a lifetime. I accepted with no hesitation.

Now, some two and a half months later, with my teaching certificate in hand, I have a little more room to put that gratitude into perspective.

I learned things about yoga, and the body, and ayurveda, and a hundred other things that I’ll be able to take with me wherever I go. Things that I will use to enrich my life.

I got to learn about myself, a lot. I believe that’s something about this program which cannot be overstated. It’s not something we get a chance to do often even though it should be.

I’ll develop my teaching, and who knows where that will take me. But that doesn’t have to be the reason you take part in this program. For many of us, it wasn’t.

10624967_10108368349287834_5500740591827232691_nAll of that was amazing and life-changing, but let me get to the most special part of the whole experience: the relationships built with my fellow trainees. A shared experience like this bonds people in ways that everyday life just doesn’t.

We were more open and vulnerable with each other than many of us have ever been, even with our closest friends. We learned (so much!) together. We cried. We struggled, fell down, and got back up together. And most importantly, we laughed and had (so much!) fun together. The crying makes the laughter that much more sweet, ya know?

Regardless of whether or not we stay in touch; if we fall away from each other; if we stop going to The River, we will always have this incredible experience and these incredible people to look back on.

You know those things that you have in your life? The ones to which you can never fully do justice with mere words? The ones you can never fully relate to a person who wasn’t involved? The “you really just had to be there” moments? That’s what this was. Times a million.

We were travelers together on a great journey. The greatest journey. The journey of the self. You don’t go through something like that without developing incredible bonds with the ones who went, survived, and came out stronger on the other side with you.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. In the hands of your two sweet and loving guides, Christen Bakken and Katy Rowe, you will be tested, challenged, broken open, and put back together into a better package than you ever thought possible. And you will have done all the work yourself. If you choose to take part in this life changing experience, you will never regret it.

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