What Makes The River’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training so Unique?! 
1. Teachers on Teachers on Teachers: 
Knowledgeable and experiential guest lecturers add to the depth of this Teacher Training’s content. We have speakers covering topics ranging from ayurvedic practices to anatomy!   
2. We’ve Got a Plan for That… Payment Plan, that is!
Our studio provides flexible payment plans to any and all trainees. We would never want finances to be the reason you don’t dive into this training — we will work with and support you. 
3. We Know You Have a Life Outside of Yoga!
This training takes place every other weekend. Enjoy some freedom and sweet down-time to let all of your new knowledge sink-in. 
4. We Give Back to Others and It Feels Oh-So Great!
 Seva  – selfless service- is a powerful tenant of yogic practice. In this program, trainees get amazing community-outreach opportunities to give back, and make meaningful difference outside the studio walls. 
5. It Doesn’t Have to Be Over When It’s Over… 
Our Internship Program truly sets our training apart from the rest. After the final practicum, all trainees prepared and adequately meeting our clear standards, are welcomed to take the “next steps”, participating in a 3-6 month rotational internship at our studio!  

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity this summer! For more information about this teacher training with Katy Rowe & Dr. Christa Schwind (these good-lookin’ folks below!), click HERE!