If you have completed a 200 hour teacher training, it is more than possible that what sounded like the biggest time commitment you have ever made, beyond schooling, shifted into a sacred, but too short, season of your development as a teacher.

In an absolute best case scenario, your 200 hour teacher training gave you clear skills and a strong foundation for yoga instruction. In addition to that, your teacher trainers empowered you to strive for your own greatness via the practice of humble discipline.

I know plenty of good yoga teachers who take one 200 hour teacher training. I also know very few great yoga teachers who have NOT gone back for more training. Here are 5 reasons you might be ready to take the next step in your development:

1. The Best Teachers are Dedicated Students- I know how challenging it can be to get your own practice in as a yoga teachers. I have more than once unrolled a yoga mat that may have spent weeks dormant in the back seat of my car, meanwhile, I had taught dozens of safe and effective classes to other yogis. This is normal. However, you deserve the chance to practice, to feel what it is like to be transformed by yoga, again. Your students will absolutely benefit from your dedication to your own practice.

2. Teaching “Real People” is way more challenging than your 200 hour teacher training buddies- I am sure you listened quite intently to all your posture breakdowns in your original teacher training. I am also sure that your training buddies occasionally pretended they had never done yoga and forfeited all their good alignment for your practice teaching sessions. However, I also know that looking at poses again, reconsidering the alignment and asking questions about what you have actually seen in students would be a powerful dedication of your time and energy.

3. Receiving Thorough and Thoughtful Feedback is Essential for Growth- In a 200 hour training, feedback was likely a regular practice but since graduating, maybe you have been teaching and long for a bit of coaching for the benefit of your students. In this 300 hour training, you will reengage with the powerful practice of feedback with your peers and with your training leaders.

4. Finding Your Passion is Part of Finding Your Voice- At first just getting your tongue untangled and releasing your white knuckled prayer hands is a huge step. But now, you only sweat a little before teaching and your voice only shakes for the first 5 minutes of teaching and you are ready to really dive deep into aspects of the practice you were unable to absorb when harnessing the courage to stand up and speak up. The esoteric practices, deeper study of Sanskrit and mantra, and serving diverse populations will be much more digestible now than before.

5. You Love Yoga, Right?!?- There is nothing more fulfilling than spending time of things you love. If you makes your heart sing, this is the time. We will look at all angles of yoga in a 300 hour. We will practice yoga, practice teach, dive deep into yogic literature, sing our hearts out, and simply remember that yoga is a work of love and service.


So what do you say, are you ready to commit? The 300 hour program kicks off on March 29th! 

Learn more about the program HERE.  Then save your spot for the continuation of this magical journey through yoga by making a deposit HERE.