1)     What is your profession and what do you love most about it?

I am a counselor working with kids who have experienced trauma, as well as a student pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work. It is so inspiring to work with such loving and strong individuals. I appreciate the opportunities to learn, grow, and advocate for and from others. I get to see and experience the dedication and passion of others. Finally, I get to paid to play (well actually right now I am an intern so I work for free but soon I will get paid to play)!!

2)     What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

My favorite pose that I am working towards is handstand pose because it is a challenging and fun process. I also like sleeping pigeon because it just feels good.

What is “Your Yoga Story” (i.e. how and when did you begin practicing, when did you come to the River, why did you stay… make it yours!)

I started practicing yoga in college to reduce anxiety and practicing breathwork and I continued because it makes me feel better physically and mentally. I came to the River in December and have been here ever since and have no intention of leaving! Thanks Jes K for introducing me to such a great community of people.

4)     What do you love about the River that makes it hOMe?

I love the community at the River. It’s more than just a place to practice yoga, it really embodies why I do yoga. The classes are always unique and challenge me in different ways, the personalities of the instructors and team members, and the kindness and openness of the other yogis.

5)     What is one thing that makes you UNIQUE?

I contributed to setting a World Record as largest gathering of humans dressed as gorillas for the Gorilla Run in Denver!