Alex DeBenedictis

Alex is a 5 foot 2 inch, 23 year-old powerhouse of a woman. Being born and raised in this beautiful state Colorado, she has had the opportunity to study art and be a part of such a great art community. She currently studies at Metro State University of Denver working towards a Bachelor of the Fine Arts with a concentration in Drawing, and a further degree in Art Therapy. Alex wants to help people, and give people a space to be creative and feel free. That is what art is about, the opportunity to grow within yourself and feel relief. Most of her other work is very feminine, and I myself am a feminist, not the throw your burning bra in the street kind of feminist, but the one that believes women are just as capable of doing anything, and deserve equality in every aspect. She also does work that is very vivid in color, detail, and design.

These dream catchers are some of my favorite and most inspiring series. I have been working on these for over a year; each one of them means something different and is made uniquely from the one next to it. A few other things about myself, I love music and the way that is brings people together. I love my boyfriend and my dog, who have always stayed by my side, and stayed many last nights up with me while I work on my dream.