Joshua G.

What is your profession and what do you love most about it?

I am a contract negotiator for The Department of Veterans Affairs, I love the dynamic quality that my career provides me. No two days are the same and I am constantly learning and analyzing both data and personalities in order to successfully complete our mission, which is to serve our countries veterans. I negotiate regional contracts for our department and am very grateful for the position I have.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Favorite pose is a tie between tree pose and warrior three. I enjoy being challenged and these poses 100% challenge me! I have always struggled with balancing poses, and look to improve where I am weak. The adrenaline rush of feeling comfortable in a pose that was once unthinkable is very encouraging and a motivational tool I have used throughout my yoga practice and life in general. I try to confront my challenges in order to grow.

What is “Your Yoga Story”?

I began practicing four years ago when I started dating my now fiancé, Lisa. At first it was a way to spend time with her but it has turned into an activity I cannot imagine going without. I began coming to The River in May of this year, after receiving a job offer from the Department of Veterans Affairs. My fiancé and I moved to Denver from West Los Angeles, and were extremely excited to experience Colorado. I immediately felt comfortable at The River. The professionalism and warmth of The River made me stay. There is a familiar and comfortable atmosphere that The River has engrained in their culture that made me choose this studio.

What do you love about the River that makes it hOMe?

The River is unlike any studio I have been to.  The staff is friendly and inviting. I enjoy the various classes that are offered, especially meditation and advanced flow. Joy does an exceptional job leading advanced flow, which truly showcases the community of The River. Especially, the 60’s-90-‘s playlists. The classes are so challenging and playful.  I also enjoy seeing the various artworks that are featured in the lobby.

What is one thing that makes you unique?

Challenging myself, this may not be unique but it is one of my goals as a person. I am constantly looking to push my self both professionally and personally.  If I am not seeking a challenge then I am not progressing. Analyzing and processing new problems and situations is a continuous goal I hope to achieve.  Namaste…. J