Tell us what led you to The River.

I sincerely believe that The River chose me. I had just made a major life change and had left a lot of burned bridges behind me. I serendipitously met the original owner, toured the space while it was still being created and ended up teaching the first public class. Over the past 5 years my old role has continued to expand and this place is my dream job and family.

In your opinion, what does “you are beautiful” mean and what is it’s significance at The River?

“You are beautiful” means that we are all miracles that are connected and to be celebrated right here, right now. The River embodies that yoga is truly for everybody and that we are all the same.

How will the “you are beautiful” theme this year come through in your class?

I hope to remind yogis that beauty is already in their bodies and hearts. We just need to wake up a own it.

What have you done to prepare for taking the stage in front of 2,500 yogis this June?

The River/Yoga on the Rocks teachers are members of the management team and together, we have worked together with several teachers to prepare. We met with sequencing coach, Christen Bakken and legacy leader, Jackie Carr to define and refine the best way to share The River culture and invite everyone at Red Rocks into the heart of our vision.

What are you most excited about of the YOTR experience?

I am most excited to share the gift of yoga at one of the most scared places in Colorado. Yoga and nature are the two things that remind me that we are part of something so much bigger.

If people want to come see you at The River, what can they expect?

Through my teaching I hope to hold a space for people to have their own unique relationship with yoga. I aim to bring a little grit and truth to embracing the light and shadow side, while always remembering to laugh out loud.

Practice with Katy!

Wednesdays at 5:30pm | Power Vinyasa

Thursdays at 4pm | Yoga Cross

Thursdays at 7pm | Power Vinyasa

Fridays at 12pm | Power Vinyasa

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Katy is the studio manager at The River and a co-lead of the 200 hour teaching training program. A new program begins this summer! See more details here and join us for an information session to learn more.