Tell us what led you to The River.

The River was the very first studio I ever practiced yoga at. Prior to me coming to The River, I had assumed I was not the right type of person that fit the mold of a “yogi.” I didn’t think I was skinny enough, flexible enough and/or whatever else I told myself a true yogi is. My roommate at the time asked me over and over to go to yoga with her and eventually I caved. After the first class I went to, I was completely hooked! From then on out I had a regular yoga practice and The River was my hOMe away from home. Now, fast forward a few years, I teach yoga and I am Assistant Manager of The River…. so…. I guess I am a “yoga person” 😊

In your opinion, what does “you are beautiful” mean and what is it’s significance at The River?

What “you are beautiful” means to me, especially in context of The River, is starting to see the beauty in yourself that everyone else already sees. I think it’s so easy for us to love other people and then when we start to look inward we can be critical and hateful. It was through my yoga practice at The River that I started to learn how to truly find beauty in myself: my body and my thoughts.

How will the “you are beautiful” theme this year come through in your class?

I am so excited to speak to this theme. For me, finding beauty in myself through yoga has come through being more aware of the thoughts that are going on in the back of my mind at all times. At Yoga on the Rocks I’m going to speak to ‘svadhyaya’, or self study. I hope people in attendance notice when their brain takes them to places that aren’t beneficial and instead can come back to the beauty that is around them and the beauty that I see in them all.

What have you done to prepare for taking the stage in front of 2,500 yogis this June?

That is a really great question… I’ve practiced theming and I have written a sequence that I’ve practiced a few times, without overdoing it. Other than that, I’m going to B R E A T H E, try to focus on a steady foundation and channel a little help from the universe.

What are you most excited about of the YOTR experience?

I think I’m most excited for the energy that that magical place creates. It’s so easy to feed off of the energy in a full yoga room… I can’t wait to feel all of the positive vibes this Saturday at Red Rocks!

If people want to come see you at The River, what can they expect?

I’m pretty much around The River all the time, but if you’re coming to one of my classes you’ll likely laugh, sweat and have some fun!

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Kady is the assistant studio manager at The River and founder of Big Booty Yoga in Denver. Kady was recently featured in 303 Magazine. Read more here.