Tell us what led you to The River.

It was the mom in me that found The River. Not even a whole month after the River had opened, I had heard they offered Kid Yoga Classes at the same time as All-Level Classes. So we went. Diligently. Every Wednesday. Myself and my boys. The River became a part of me, my hOMe away from home. A place for my tribe to be honored and recognized.

In your opinion, what does “you are beautiful” mean and what is it’s significance at The River?

To me, “you are beautiful” has so many layers. When I say these three powerful words or think these three powerful words about someone, I am recognizing, and honoring their unique vulnerability and courage to be (or most likely become) exactly and uniquely who they are. We are all truly beautiful and the gift lies in learning how to truly see that. I am beautiful. You are beautiful. We are beautiful.

At The River, we want everyone to feel welcomed and everyone to be able to get courageous, tap into their vulnerabilities and blossom. What I see in me is reflected in you. What I see in you is a reflection of me. How wonderfully freeing it is to begin to understand who we each are. Finding the ability to really land in our own beings and find hOMe.

How will the “you are beautiful” theme this year come through in your class?

This will happen naturally and on it’s own, without a script as each soul lands in the present moment, connected by breath, guided by movement and graced by Mother Nature surrounding us. Together, we will each allow the vast blue sky to embrace us, accept the support of the earth below us and blossom into our own “you are beautiful.”

What have you done to prepare for taking the stage in front of 2,500 yogis this June?

Not a day goes by that I don’t take a deep breath, place my hands over my heart and close my eyes in gratitude for this opportunity. Gratitude is how I prepare. You are not there for me. Instead we are all there for us, the collective us. The collective us that hears the calling and is willing to rise up.

What are you most excited about of the YOTR experience?

I am most excited about seeing 2,500 yogi’s take their own variation of Crow (bakasana pose) and making the ever-so-lovely “CAW-CAAW” sound!

If people want to come see you at The River, what can they expect?

Oh boy – you can expect me, the whole me. My perfectly imperfect self that deeply wants you to LOVE being who YOU are. You can expect an invitation for you to rise to your highest self. You can expect that I will (with a smile) invite you to get out of your own way and G R O W.

Practice with Joy!

Sundays at 10am | Power Vinyasa

Mondays at 5:30pm | Inversions Conditioning

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