How do I know if I am ready? Has it been too long since my last training? Is it too soon after my 200 hour training?


This is a tough question for anyone to answer other than you, but the answer is you are more ready than you think. As a yoga teacher, you will likely be a lifelong learner.

If you have waited a while since your training, even if you never took on teaching, then lets reignite the spark. If you just finished a training program, still feel really new at it, I also know that you will only grow by committing to learning. As a life long learner myself, I will likely take trainings for the rest of my life and each training I have enrolled in was perfectly timed and increased my impact as a teacher and human. There are very few growth opportunities that have been presented in anyone’s life that the stars were completely aligned for and that readiness was not a part of the mental chatter. If you heart and mind are calling for new knowledge, strongly consider enrolling.

Will the 300 hour be like my 200 hour? Will there be practice teaching? Will it mostly be lectures?

Every 200 hour is different, but inside of a 200 hour there is usually a big emphasis is building the skills to stand in front of a room and teach.  Also, in most 200 hours, lots of mini lectures are offered on specific areas of yogic study but the retention and reiteration of this content is not required.  In The River 300 hour, each weekend will have unique content.  The unique content will be offered with the intention of enhancing your teaching.  There will be plenty of opportunity to practice within the training and practice teaching will still be a component, but the big difference is as a trainee you will have the opportunity to find and commit to areas of study that light you up.  As a teacher of yoga, you will learn to incorporate and share these areas with students in a drop in class.  The 300 hour training will go deep into yoga and call upon your existing ability to stand up and teach from your 200 hour training.

What will the requirements beyond our time together include? Is there homework? What is the independent study project?


As a 300 hour participant, you will complete 270 contact hours together at the studio.  The 30 remaining hours are for reading homework, the apprenticeship, and an independent study project.  There will be about 30 minutes of reading assigned for each module. In addition to that, a book that correlates to the independent study project will also be expected to be read.  The apprenticeship is an opportunity to practice with and learn from a yoga teacher of each trainees choosing.  Time will be spent practicing in that teacher’s class, observing that teacher’s class, and assisting in that teacher’s class for a total of 10 hours of work.   The independent study project is an 18-hour commitment (which includes the book mention earlier), required by YA, on a topic of your choosing.   Research, practice, a presentation, and a written explanation will be expected before our final day of training in July 2016.  There are no additional yoga practice hours expected beyond the training time.


Do I have to complete all 300 hours in one sitting? Can I sign up for just a couple of weekends?


There is absolutely a way to be involved in the training and not complete all 300 hours, space permitting! Individual modules are available to all 200 hour trained yoga teachers and can be taken solo or in conjunction to a few topics that interest you.


This is a big financial commitment. Can you tell me about the payment plan?

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due to hold your spot. Following your deposit, a payment plan can begin at any time. The remaining balance can be spread out across the entire training into smaller payments. The full tuition is due by the graduation date. Since the training is 8 months long, trainees often choose to spread the $3000 balance into eight $425 payments. The amount and frequency are up to the individual trainee, as long as the balance is paid in full at the end.