300 Hour Training Module Syllabus

Enroll in modules individually or as a part of the full 300 hour training
300 Hour Individual Module Participation

Within the 300 hour yoga teacher training, there will be twelve individual modules that yoga teachers with previous 200 hour certification can participate in as continuing education. Individual weekend modules require attendance on both Saturday and Sunday of the module from 10:00am to 5:30pm. 


Please note:

  • Participants must have completed a 200 hour YTT before participating in a module. Instructors will assume that all participants have a basic understanding of how to teach a yoga class and the content of each model is specifically designed to improve teaching abilities as well as increase knowledge.
  • Module hours count a CONTINUING EDUCATION. Participants will not receive a certification, even if they enroll in all 9 modules. To receive a 300 hour certification students must complete the full training which includes Tuesday nights, additional weekend hours and independent study.
  • Modules taken this year CANNOT be credited toward a future 300 hour certification. As stated above, to receive a certificate students must enroll in the full 300 hour program.
Module 1 (Core) - Intelligent and Intentional Power Vinyasa Sequencing, Part 1

Dates: April 1 & 2

Instructor(s): Christen Bakken 500 ERYT

Trainees will focus on refining power vinyasa teaching through learning how to communicate clearly with students via strong cues and thoughtful messaging, understand the format to Sun Salutations A and B and how to vary and cue these clearly and review fundamentals of creating and landing a theme in the physical practice as well as the practice of yoga off the mat.

These modules are progressive in nature, so the prerequisite is the sequencing module prior. Trainees can expect to practice poses, receive lecture, take on new skills, and receive feedback on teaching throughout.

christen1Learn more about Lead Instructor, Christen Bakken

Module 2 (Core) - Subtle Body Anatomy and Practices (chakras, pranayama, deep stretch & meditation)

Dates: April 15  & 16

Guest Instructor(s): Steph Winsor


  • Use the subtle body maps of the chakra system, known as the architecture of the soul, to investigate the connections of the mind-body and spirit
  • Investigate and disseminate knowledge of ancient and modern energy practices like tai chi, qi gong, yoga and body-mind psychotherapy to more intimately explore the subtle body and its deep connections to asana
  • Curate flow state of mind and body through eastern and western energy practices and maps
  • Explore creative and thoughtful sequencing techniques to open the body for sitting, restore well-being of the mini to cultivate healing, injury prevention and overall ease
  • Dive into where science and spirituality meet to release tension in the body and brain so that we may access the quiet mind in meditation
  • Up level your 200 Hour offering by including our class type of “Deep Stretch and Meditation” at The River Yoga; a style that is slow, deep and transformative

Learn more about guest instructor(s) Steph Winsor




Module 3 (Core) - Intelligent and Intentional Power Vinyasa Sequencing, Part 2

Dates: April 29 & 30

Instructor(s): Christen Bakken

Students will learn ho to Enrich Power Vinyasa by studying how to look at families of poses to make decisions about movements to prepare and to counter, how to access tools of mirroring and demoing, speech volume and tone, teacher’s location in the room, and the use of lighting and music to impact students for the better and how to adapt familiar sequences to new poses and themes.

These modules are progressive in nature, so the prerequisite is the sequencing module prior. Trainees can expect to practice poses, receive lecture, take on new skills, and receive feedback on teaching throughout.


Learn more about Lead Instructor, Christen Bakken

Module 4 (Core) - Gross Body Anatomy in Vinyasa Yoga

Dates: May 13 & 14

Guest Instructor(s): Mira Valeria

The focus of this module will be on the structures and movements of the spine, the muscles of breath and the anatomy and physiology of inhalation and exhalation.  We will focus on a deeper understanding of the five directions of movement of the spine and the roles of breath, muscles, structure and functional mechanics within each.


Learn more about guest instructor, Mira Valeria




Module 5 (Optional) - Philosophy, History, Sacred Texts

Dates: May 27 & 28

Guest Instructor(s): Christa Schwind, PhD

Dr. Christa Schwind teaches South Asian and Comparative Religions at the University level as well as being co-leader of the River yoga 200 hour teacher-training program.  She is also a mama of two young boys, a Lululemon ambassador and a nationally recognized educator of yoga asana, history and philosophy.

1: understand the complex layerings of yogic history
2: differentiate between and apply various ideas of yogic philosophy to yogic practice on and off of the mat
3: explore some of the lesser known, but equally important, sacred texts of hatha yoga 



Learn more about guest instructor, Christa Schwind



Module 6 (Core) - Taking the Seat of a Teacher: Assists and the Personal Journey

Dates: June 10 & 11

Guest Instructor(s): Sara Rice

Providing assists that not only inform but transform is a skill built via practice, repetition, and feedback. This will focus on fundamentals, new approaches to old assists, and practice via repetition and time. To invite a student to transform within a pose or within their life is a gift and a responsibility. To speak to students and to stand as a leader requires preparation, introspection, and the courage to speak from experience. Discussion and application of theme creation, delivery, and energetic leadership will be the direction of this day of training.

Objectives/Outline of this Module:


  • A comprehensive exploration of the principles of assists: physical, verbal, demonstrating, props and directional
  • A rooted deep dive in to the fundamentals of Assisting: intention, connection, honoring limitations and confidence
  • This module has an emphasis on practice in action with the objective of  building confidence as we practice and review assists and advanced assists

Personal Journey

  • What is yoga?  What does the practice mean to you?  This module provides an opportunity to dive deeply in to the work of ego and the self that you embody
  • Create a vision of what you will contribute to yourself, your community and the world through your journey in yoga teacher training
  • Through a comprehensive overview of the Yamas & Niyama will dig deeply in to who you are being on your path as a yogi and teacher


Learn more about guest instructor, Sara Rice


Module 7 (Optional) - Lunar Practices: Yin and Resorative

Dates: June 24 & 25

Guest Intructor(s): Sarah Wolfgram

In this module trainees will be exposed to and learn to apply and teach principles of the gentler, slower side of the practice. On day 1, restorative yoga will be covered. Understanding of the benefits to the nervous system and methodology of sequencing will be offered. On day 2, yin yoga will be covered. Understanding of the meridian system and working the connective tissues will be covered. Trainees will explore strong sequencing for full length classes as well as integrating yin poses into vinyasa classes.

sarah wolfgram

Learn more about guest instructor, Sarah Wolfgram



Module 8 (Core) - Intelligent and Intentional Power Vinyasa Sequencing, Part 3

Dates: July 8 & 9

Instructor(s): Christen Bakken 500 ERYT

Students will learn how to Individualize Power Vinyasa by using Christen Bakken’s tool for Meaning Full sequences, a tool designed to create progressive movements to prepare the body for the physical work of yoga and how to honor individual taste and style to meet the needs of specific groups of students and formats of class.

These modules are progressive in nature, so the prerequisite is the sequencing module prior. Trainees can expect to practice poses, receive lecture, take on new skills, and receive feedback on teaching throughout.

christen1Learn more about Lead Instructor, Christen Bakken


Module 9 ( Optional) - Yoga and Fitness: Teaching Yoga with Weights and Yoga for the Athletic Body

Dates: July 22 & 23

Guest Instructor(s): Katy Rowe

Trainees will learn to teach an “Align and Burn” class as well as sequencing for fusion-based fitness classes like, YogaCross. In addition to class sequencing, trainees will learn how to best serve our YogaCross community, explain the fitness aspect of Yogacross and practice delivering an all levels class utilizing concise cues for all body types and experience levels.  This module will also focus on building a well rounded 45 minute class that will meet the needs of folks that have already done a workout and, simultaneously, those who have just arrived for the yoga portion of class.


Learn more about guest instructor, Katy Rowe.

Fall Module 10 (Optional) - Bhakti Yoga- The Yoga of Devotion and the Cultivation of Voice

Dates: September 30 & October 1

Instructor(s): Mary Clare Sweet

Bhakti blessings abound during our two days together! You will be delighted by the magic we make through asana, chanting, story telling and healing ritual. The sweet nectar of bhakti practice nourishes me like nothing else and expands my heart with new loving light. I want you to feel the bhav in your energy body, your physical body and brain! Then learn to practice it on your own and teach others.


Learn 3 stories from the Bhakti tradition.

Learn 6 Sanskrit Mantras to use with stories and on their own

Healing ritual; Heal past stories, embrace courage, and step into the voice of a storyteller

Learn a Bhakti vinyasa and the sequences that make it so.

Uncover more of your voice as a storyteller and a yoga teacher


Learn more about Guest Instructor, Mary Clare Sweet

Fall Module 11 (Optional) - Adaptive (Physical Adaptations)

Dates: October 14 & 15

Guest Instructor(s): Katy Rowe

Trainees will expand their empathy and understanding of yogis with varying abilities and how the 8 limb practice is all encompassing. This module will also focus on how to practically apply modifications and variations to a yoga class and individual poses to meet the needs all yogis, along with, using props to enhance the experience and impact that yoga promises.

Yoga teacher and adaptive yoga student, Tommy Hinojos, will share will us his experience as an adaptive yoga student and what it is like to be on the student side of this unique practice. 

Learn more about guest instructor, Katy Rowe



Fall Module 12 (Optional) - Miracles on the Mat: A Practice of Self-Awareness to Transforming Self & Inspire Others

Dates: October 28 & 29

Instructor(s): Sheri Colasimo

Trainees will take a deeper look at the Yamas and Niyamas as a modern-day path of self reflection and growth by studying their guide map and discovering how to consciously incorporate these principles into their way of being. This module will also focus on incorporating these concepts into teaching to share with students so that they can also achieve balance, peace and harmony in their lives. Trainees will delve into a course in enlightened leadership by taking a deep dive into yoga philosophy as an anchoring point for our work and utilizing the tools of journaling and meditation to embrace fearlessness and create an open-hearted vision of a whole and fulfilled life.

Learn more about lead instructor, Sheri Colasimo


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