Meet the Instructors

Our teaching team will be composed of the very best 500 certified guest instructors to ensure the highest caliber of training. Each guest instructor will share their knowledge of a specialized aspect of the yoga practice during the weekend modules.


Lead Instructor All 300 Hour Sessions

Christen Bakken’s yoga journey began in 1998 in a ridiculously hot Bikram studio in a strip mall in Littleton, CO.  Looking for a sense of structure and security, yoga provided her with a home-base.  As Christen’s journey continued, she never lost sight of a yoga mat as a place to remember her purpose, to listen for higher wisdom, and to find a reason to play.  After completing her 500 hour teacher training with Rusty Wells her classes became infused with a sense of devotion and service and the yoga mat became a place of personal transformation and healing.  Now as a leader of 200, 300, and 500 hour teacher training programs and yoga teacher mentorships, Christen aims to hold space for yoga to do its work.  Her classes, workshops, and trainings are filled with laughter, song, celebration, and healing.  If you leave with a bead of sweat or a happy tear on your cheek and a sense that everything is going to be okay, yoga has done its work on you.


Fall Module 11 – Deepening Knowledge: Histories, Philosophies and Sacred Texts of Yoga with Christa Schwind

Dr. Christa Schwind received her PhD in Yoga + Comparative Religion from The University of Denver in 2015 and has been practicing postural yoga for over fifteen years.  She teaches yoga classes and co-leads the 200 hour yoga teacher training at The River Power Vinyasa.  Additionally, Christa teaches University level courses at The University of Denver and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and serves on the steering committee for the Yoga Theory and Practice Group at the American Academy of Religion. She is (most importantly) a wife and mama as well as the founder, creative developer and lead educator of Wind Wellness; a company that connects research + philosophy+ spirituality+ physicality to healthy lifestyle through workshops, events, retreats and one-on-one education.

Module 2 – Adaptive Yoga: Being of Service: Assists and Personal Development

Katy found yoga 10 years ago at her father’s insistence. It was not love at first pose. She says something deeper kept her returning to the sometimes painful reflection of her mat. Life just kept leading her back to yoga and the teaching of. Katy has been a steward of yoga for 8 years. She loves sharing this ancient wisdom and medicine with whomever will listen.

Module 6 – Adaptive Yoga: Yoga for everBODy

Samy Mattei completed a 200hr Ashtanga Interdisciplinary Teacher Training, gaining tremendous insight and appreciation for the history, depth, and subtle-body transformations of yoga. A year later, she finished a 200hr Power Vinyasa Training, learning to define her voice, creativity and vision as a teacher. In the fall of 2013, she founded the Adaptive Yoga Program at The River Yoga studio, for people with disabilities, after completing the adaptive yoga Mind Body Solutions Training under Matthew Sanford. She received her Young Warriors Kids Yoga Training in early 2014 (and now co-leads Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings in Denver biannually.)  She completed Every Kid’s Adaptive Yoga training, and launched an Inclusive Children's Yoga Class for children with sensory processing challenges and
other physical, cognitive, or special needs. Last spring, she also received her 500hr Advanced Teacher Training certification.

She is truly invested in making yoga accessible and enjoyable for people from any walk of life. Samy is an energy magnet and true people-lover who creatively facilitates people to move in ways that reveal new possibility. She communicates kindly and clearly, establishing and sustaining relationships quickly with students to make people feel at-ease, open, and at-hOMe both in their bodies and with each other. In her classes, she fosters an environment that welcomes any and all levels of ability, promotes mind-body connection for people no matter their physical/cognitive individualities, and encourages people to uncover and recover their personal definition of wellness. Yoga is unparalleled and unlimited in its ability to affect lives positively, and so she takes her teaching around the Denver community and beyond, for a wide-array of groups, ages, ability-levels, genders, treatment centers, special events, trainings, retreats and
populations. She is deeply committed to the mission: “Yoga is for everyBODY.”

Mira Valeria
Module 5 – Applying Anatomy: Refine Your Practice, Cues, and Hands-on Assists

Mira is an E-RYT 500 San Francisco-based Yoga instructor and the founder of Santa FeThrive, an indoor cycling and yoga studio in Santa Fe, NM. She has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and practicing for two; she continues to train under the guidance of her primary teachers, Jason Crandell and Rusty Wells, and as such her teaching is steeped in precision, mindfulness and Bhakti — the practice of love, surrender and service.  Mira specializes in functional anatomy and its application to postural alignment, and she is
skillful at teaching students how to access more advanced poses safely. She strives to offer clear, concise and accessible group classes with safely sequenced asana and attention to breath.

Module 8 – The Recipe for a Nourish Yoga Teacher
After getting out of the Army, Paige moved to Colorado in 2006 and discovered the power of yoga and nutrition. She had grown up loving food, but dealt with digestion issues which sparked an interest in holistic practices. Eager to learn more, she completed her 200-hr power
vinyasa teacher training from Corepower Yoga in 2007. Paige also received her Bachelors Degree in Human Nutrition with a minor in Integrative Therapeutic Practices from Metropolitan State University in 2015. Her goal is to share the knowledge she has to help others tap into their own healing potential through intuitive eating and yoga. Paige currently teaches at the River yoga studio and is the resident Nutritionist/Chef.
Module 7 – Lunar Practices: Teaching Yin and Restorative Yoga
Sarah Wolfgram‘s grandfather taught that freedom without structure is chaos, but when you have roots and stability to ground your life, the possibilities for freedom become infinite. He was the first person to show her that my life isn’t “out there” but in fact, is right here, and Sarah uses that to guide her practice and her teaching.  She loves watching her students drop into the present moment, uncover their gifts and carve space in their lives for that which is most important to them.  Each of her classes offers a space to find the stillness and peace even in the most challenging situations. Join Sarah Wolfgram on the mat at the crossroads of grace and strength in both the ways you move and the stillness you find within.

Sheri Colosimo

Module 10: Reinvigorate Your Practice and Find Your Purpose 

Sheri‘s physical yoga practice started in her early 20’s as just another way to get a workout. She liked the intensity of heated classes and the endurance needed to get through a practice. Slowly, she discovered her time on the mat offered so much more and has incorporated it into her daily living ever since.

She is a respected leader in the wellness industry with over 12 years of teaching experience. Her classes are a blend of her love of movement, passion for language and desire for each student to be touched, seen and understood. She brings her background as a business leader, life coach, mother and teacher to inspire each trainee to cultivate their own unique voice in the classroom. Her experience of having led over ten 200-hour Teacher Training Programs, advanced trainings and presenting at national yoga conferences and festivals has helped shape her personal facilitation style; one that is introspective and practical.

Steph Winsor

Module 7 – Wisdom of the East and West: Power of Breath, Meditation and Subtle Body Anatomy

With an infectious giggle and a rocking sense of humor, she has a way of brightening a room. Steph’s vinyasa flow is inspired by beats and bliss; she weds power, passion and inner peace through fluid movements, strong sequences and deep releases. From her love of biology and soulful experiences her authentic voice floats between sharing bodily knowledge & encouraging intuitive experiences that let moving meditation come to life throughout class in the sweetest of ways. A ski addict + guide, yoga + spin instructor, optimist, entrepreneur, adventurer, music junkie, storyteller & soul sister.

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