Children's Yoga Teacher Training with Young Warriors

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Do you love working with children? Do you love yoga? Join us in spreading the benefits of yoga to kids across the nation…Become a Young Warriors trained kid yoga teacher!


Young Warriors Kid Yoga Teacher Trainings include:

  • Philosophy and benefits of yoga for children
  • General framework for designing engaging children’s yoga classes: sun salutations, themed poses, breath work, games and more!
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Overview of child development and instructions for designing developmentally appropriate classes for different ages: Tot/Pre-K, School-Aged,Tween and Family Yoga
  • Inversions and partner work for children
  • Mindfulness, meditation and stillness for children
  • Overview of Adaptive Yoga and accommodating children with “special needs”
  • Incorporating enrichment activities: music, rhythm, art and storytelling
  • Business of children’s yoga discussion
  • Practice teaching with feedback
  • Receive a detailed manual filled with tips, tricks, and helpful resources
  • Observe numerous children’s yoga classes to enhance learning and build practical skills from real-life experience


Why Young Warriors?

Young Warriors provides, shares, and guides yoga for children. The yoga we teach is play-based movement intended to stretch children both on and off of the mat. We are well-established children’s yoga programs based at The River Power Vinyasa Yoga in Denver, CO. We have trained hundreds of people to successfully teach yoga for children in studios, classrooms, enrichment programs, recreation programs, in homes and beyond! Young Warriors has also helped launch many successful children’s yoga careers/business. Our training will give you a solid foundation in teaching developmentally appropriate yoga classes and activates for tots to teens in whatever setting you choose! We always say, “bloom where you are planted” and with this training you will gain the tools to do just that!

Participants do not need any prior yoga certification or teaching experience. All you need is a love for children and a desire to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with your community!


Denver, CO: March 17-19, 2017

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Denver, CO: September 15-17, 2017

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Want to bring Young Warriors to your hOMe studio, school, or other location? We will happily travel! Please send your inquiry to Danielle at

Children's Yoga Teacher Training Collaborative

Looking to complete your 95 hour Yoga Alliance Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification? Young Warriors is a member of the Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Collaborative (CYTTC)! The CYTTC allows trainees to choose from a variety of 95-hour tracks, consisting of the most outstanding children’s yoga teacher trainings in the world.  Rather than being limited to one path and one or two trainers, our students have the opportunity to choose the combination of coursework and trainers that are right for them.

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October 14 -16

Fri 5:30pm-8:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5:30pm, Sun 8:30am-5:30pm

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I entered the training with no expectations and was very impressed with the amount of knowledge shared in such a short period of time.

Who is this training for?

If you love working with kids and you love yoga this training is for YOU! Parents, educators, yoga instructors, therapists and those who are interested in incorporating yoga in their work with children are all regular attendees in our Young Warriors trainings.

Do I need any prior experience or certifications?

Nope! While we do recommend at least some experience practicing yoga, no prior teacher training or certifications are required.

What kind of certification will I receive?

Upon completion of this training you will be a certified children’s yoga teacher with 25 hours of training. If you wish to continue your children’s yoga education and/or become a 95 hour CCYT (Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Alliance we recommend accruing additional hours through the Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Collaborative.

Meet the Instructors

Training is led by Certified Kid Yoga Instructors Samy Mattei & Danielle Barbeau-Cook and will include guest lectures from a few of our favorite experts in music, art and child development.


Danielle is a mama, yoga teacher, studio owner and lover of movement. Danielle grew up near Boulder, CO. As the daughter of an elementary school teacher and oldest of three, there has never been a time in her life when kids didn’t surround her! She spent many years as a nanny, youth leader, after school program counselor and university advisor. Practicing yoga has been a regular part of Danielle’s life since she was 18. At that young age, Danielle quickly discovered that yoga not only complemented her active lifestyle, it helped her get out of her head and feel comfortable in her own skin.  After completing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2010, learning to teach yoga for children was a natural next step. In her classes, Danielle emphasizes the breath and creates a nurturing, safe space for students of all ages. She loves that in yoga – as we twist, bend and flip upside-down (with or without kiddos) – we can reconnect with the play and fearlessness of childhood. As a mama, Danielle is passionate incorporating the skills we practice on the mat – mindfulness, balance, patience, flexibility, strength –  in daily life with her little ones.

Danielle holds teaching certificates from Young Warriors and Rainbow Kids Yoga. She is a lead instructor for Young Warriors Kid Yoga Teacher Trainings and owner of The River Power Vinyasa Yoga in Denver, CO. She looks forward to being a part of your journey in sharing yoga with children.   


Sam is a people-loving person, energy magnet, and firm believer in human possibility, especially if the “spark” is created from the beginning. She loves facilitating children to see their own potential. Teaching yoga to kids felt like the perfect fit. She’s completed both a 250hr Axis Ashtanga interdisciplinary training and a 200-hour Power Vinyasa flow training, Mind Body Solutions Adaptive Yoga training in Minnesota, and The Young Warriors Teacher Training in 2013… she loves teaching yoga into teaching a wide range of different people. She sees yoga as a means to bring out the best in us, and let life unfold in its fullest form… and what better way, than from the bottom-up, with our littlest and brightest lights?
Samy’s deep commitment to making “yoga for everyone” led her to establish an Accessible Yoga class at the River for people with physical disabilities. And in 2014, she began co-leading Young Warriors kids yoga teacher trainings to facilitate bringing yoga into young people’s lives. She has firm faith that bringing yoga into children’s lives will make a world of difference for our future! She aspires to create an ever-growing world of inclusion, community, and wellness.

Guest Expert Instructors

Expert in Child Development

Katie is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 22 years of direct clinical experience. She feels very lucky to work in a field she passionately believe makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Katie specializes in Trauma, Child Loss and Pediatric Psychology (chronic/terminal illnesses – AIDS/Oncology, PTSD, Burn Injuries). She also works with children with developmental Issues. Katie believes yoga had an invaluable place in healing and a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

Expert in Music and Yoga

My name is Matthew “Rasta” Nava and I am here to, “Spread love like wildfire!” The journey of Yoga began for me 4 years ago at a time when I was broken and lost, and it has made my life sweeter as each day passes. I have been a first grade teacher, a music teacher, and now a yoga teacher! Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my passion for yoga with the youth. My classes include music, movement, yoga, chanting, meditation, and affirmations. When I am not doing yoga, I am drumming, or writing! I facilitate drum circles, and am working on getting a series of children’s books out to the masses to lead my journey on spreading love on a large scale! I am supported by my love of my life Amy Nava, my 5 year old son Elijah, and daughter Shakti! Together we are Nava Peace Tribe!

Expert in Art

As a former Elementary School teacher in North Carolina, Kristina has always had a passion for exploring children’s curiosities about the world with young learners. She is currently the Manager of Teacher & School Outreach Programs at the Denver Art Museum and has been teaching kids yoga at the River since May 2014. Kristina sees the yoga studio as a place that honors children and empowers their creativity with movement, story, and art making.