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The River is home to Young Warriors, a children’s yoga program for tots to teens which includes classes, camps, workshops, family events and Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. We strive to make yoga accessible to families by offering children’s yoga classes and childcare concurrent to our “adult” classes.

Children's YogaChildcare

Young Warriors Children's Yoga

Children's yoga classes are almost always concurrent to adult classes, so the full family can hit their mat at the same time!

Young Warriors Children’s Yoga

Enlightening Minds. Opening Hearts. Empowering Children. Our Young Warriors classes are play-based, designed to meet kids where they are at and instill the benefits of yoga in the youngest of yogis. In a Young Warriors practice, children will challenge their bodies and their minds as they build strength, focus, and friendships. Expect to move, breathe, sing, dance and laugh! Children’s yoga classes are offered on a weekly basis and almost always run concurrent to adult classes. During school breaks and holidays we also offer half-day kids yoga and enrichment camps!

Connect with other River families, join our River/Young Warriors Mamas and Papas Facebook group!

Interested in becoming a certified children’s yoga instructor? Join us for a Young Warriors Teacher Training! Learn more…
Young Warriors

New Student Special

Unlimited yoga for your child’s first month for only $25!
Children's Yoga FAQs
Why play-based yoga?

Positive and playful interactions with children can make an enormous impact in a child’s perception of themselves as well as the relationship they share with others. PLAY helps foster not only independence, but also cooperation, respect, inclusion and FUN! Yoga, in sanskrit, is defined as “union”. We think play for children goes hand-in-hand with this concept of bridging gaps and creating internal connection for children as individuals (mind, body, spirit) and also with their peers. Yoga can be practiced on their own, or as a group.  In a healthy community of play and yoga, children have the space and safety to express themselves in a positive manner and grow into their individuality, and support one another along that process and development. They can explore through imagination, connect with other children, feel successful in outlaid tasks, and grow physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, etc.


Are drop-offs allowed?

Please pop into the studio to sign your little yogi in for class. After that, if you child is four years or older, you may either stay at the studio for a class, enjoy some quite time in our lobby (we have complementary coffee and tea) or simply drop your child off. If your child is attending a “tots/preK” class we ask that you stay and play!

How much does a children's yoga class cost?

We offer a New Kids Special, $25 for one month of unlimited yoga, which can be purchased on your child’s first visit. After that we offer ten class packages and drop-ins ($10).

My child doesn't sit still! Can s/he still come?

Yes! While stillness is an important part of yoga, it’s not the only part! In our children’s classes we will do tons of moving and work yoga into fun games and actives to keep even the busiest kids engaged.

Kid Yoga Class Schedule

Saturdays: 10am-11:30am

Sundays: 10am-11:15am

Pre-Register for Kid Yoga

Class size is limited, so please register in advance to save your child’s mat space.

View Upcoming Children's Programs and Workshops

We offer special kids programming and workshops, as well as, spring and summer break camps throughout the year.

Interested in Becoming a Children's Yoga Teacher?

Learn more about upcoming trainings and the Young Warriors Kid Yoga Teacher Training at The River.

Meet the Children's Yoga Staff

Danielle Barbeau Cook

Danielle Barbeau Cook

Managing Partner, 200 RYT, Certified Children's Yoga Teacher and Training Lead

Danielle’s Teaching Style: Nurturing, Thoughtful, Fluid, Creative, Warm

Danielle is a mama, yoga teacher, studio owner and lover of movement. In her classes, Danielle emphasizes the breath and creates a nurturing, safe space for students of all ages. She loves that in yoga – as we twist, bend and flip upside-down (with or without kiddos) – we can reconnect with the play and fearlessness of childhood. As a mama, Danielle is passionate incorporating the skills we practice on the mat – mindfulness, balance, patience, flexibility, strength –  in daily life with her little ones. Danielle holds teaching certificates from Young Warriors and Rainbow Kids Yoga. She is a lead instructor for Young Warriors Kid Yoga Teacher Trainings and owner of The River Power Vinyasa Yoga in Denver, CO. She looks forward to being a part of your journey in sharing yoga with children.   

Kristina Mahoney

Kristina Mahoney

Kristina’s Teaching Style: energetic, lively, playful, laughter-filled, and (include) storytelling

In 2010, the endurance and strength workout of yoga brought Kristina to a mat, but she has found that the acceptance and mindfulness that yoga brings is what keeps her coming back again and again. Originally introduced to yoga as a teenager attending classes with her family, Kristina saw how yoga can strengthen community, build confidence, and support an active life, and she seeks to foster this in her kids yoga classes. She completed her Young Warriors Kids Yoga Training in Spring 2014 and incorporates playfulness, story and song into every class.

Matthew Nava

Matthew Nava

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Kid Yoga Certified

Matthew’s Teaching Style: light, positive, relaxed, aware, purposeful
I found the river by attending yoga-cross classes, so it is fitting that is what I teach. Eventually, my practice evolved into a space where I could surrender my thoughts, along with receiving the physical benefits. My classes are intended to awaken your body and prepare you for your day!
Monica Graves

Monica Graves

Teaching style: Compassionate, Intuitive, Dynamic, Musical, Conscious

After a few years of dabbling in yoga classes here and there, an inclination to shift her perspective and an urgency to heal her overall well being led Monica to open her heart and deepen her practice. Through yoga she has experienced the transformative power created when we listen and B R E A T H. She recognizes how we can use these aspects off our mats as well to nurture our souls and change our reality. A Buffalo, NY native, Monica received her Master of Music Education and has been teaching and especially learning from children of all ages in a variety of settings, from public school to private lessons. After years of teaching music and dance it felt natural to extend her teaching practice through yoga and completed her Kids Yoga certification with Yoga For Young Warriors. She is energized by the warm, uplifting cOMmunity at The River and feels blessed to have crossed paths. Monica brings her musicianship and a playfulness to her teaching and is continually inspired by learning through children’s eyes and hearts. She aspires to encourage and guide those around her to shine their light.

Rachael Jacobs

Rachael Jacobs

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified

Rachael’s Teaching Style:joyful, contemplative, light-hearted, energetic, intentional

Rachael found yoga while searching for healing. The supportive community, focus on breath to movement and positive messages emphasized in classes are reasons why Rachael calls The River hOMe. Rachael incorporates self-acceptance and lightness to her teaching style in hopes of helping both young and old souls see the beauty that resides in everyone.

Samy Mattei

Samy Mattei

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified, Accessible Yoga Certified

Samy’s Teaching Style: Magnetic, Fun, Accessible, Encouraging, and ‘Magical’!

Samy is a people-loving, soul-stirring energy-magnet. Her teaching is inspired by connection with Self and others, high-vibrational music, playful practice and a sprinkle of “yoga magic”. She’s uniquely impassioned to teach yoga to people from all walks of life; aspiring to create an ever-growing community of inclusion, wellness and bliss.

Childcare at The River

Childcare is offered five days a week so you can get on your mat too!


Whole family wellness is so important. At The River, we make it possible for even the littlest of yogis to join loved ones at the studio! Our experienced Studio Nanny team will take good care of your little ones while you get the well-deserved time and space for your personal practice. Nannies arrive 30 minutes prior to class start time and will stay afterwards so that parents/caregivers have the time to help their little ones settle in or be picked up. Parents must remain at the studio while using our childcare service. Open to all children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Childcare at The River
Childcare FAQs
Do I need to register my little one in advance?

Yes please! Space is limited. Please pre-register your little ones for childcare by calling the studio at 720-381-6070 or signing in online (instructions below). Children must be signed in under their own names. Our friendly front desk staff is more than happy to help you with this. If your child is not preregistered we cannot guarantee a spot.

For safety reasons, please check in at the front desk then proceed with your child to the small studio. Parents must sign children in/out on the clipboard in the childcare room.

Instructions for Online Sign-up
Proper online pre-registering is only available through a PC. This feature is not available through the app at this time.
  • Log into Mind Body Online
  • View our online schedule
  • Click “sign up” for the class desired (childcare class)
  • There is an option to select “sign someone else up”
  • From that sreen you are able to purchase drop-in childcare options
*Please feel free to call the studio for support.
How much does childcare cost?

$10 to drop in, $30/month for unlimted childcare (River members only).

What age children can come to child care?

We welcome babies and children from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Can I drop off my little one and leave the studio?

Nope. Parents must remain in the building when utilizing childcare. No drop-offs. However, you are welcome to change or take a shower after class before picking up your little one.

Can we bring snacks?

Snacks are not allowed in the yoga room. Please make sure your little one is fed prior to the start of class.

What about diaper changes?

Studio nannies do not change diapers. Please make use of our changing station in the women’s locker room before/after class. If a change is immediately needed a nanny will peek in to get you from the studio. Please also make sure older children use the restroom before class.

What if my baby cries?

We have a 10 minute cry policy. Please set your yoga mat up near the back of the studio so that one of our nannies can peek in if you are needed. You are also encouraged to come early to ensure your little one is comfortable before class begins.

Childcare Schedule

Mondays – Friday: 9am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:30am

Pre-Register for Childcare

Space is limited, so please register in advance to save your child’s space.

Interested in Joining our Childcare Team?

We are currently seeking experienced childcare professionals to join our Studio Nanny team. If you love spending time with our littlest yogis please apply here. Questions? Contact