Welcome hOMe

In October 2012 The River Power Vinyasa Yoga studio opened it’s doors in the heart of Denver. We set out to create a space for connection and wellness where people are encouraged to live into their full potential via the practice of yoga. The River is an independently owned, single-location, boutique studio. We believe in small, community-driven business and in the power of collaborating with our neighbors, friends, and other creative folks. We are continually inspired by our students, teachers and the dynamic Denver community we so proudly call hOMe.

“Rivers move mountains through slow and continual change…making meaningful, immense and  lasting difference.”


Our mission is to provide exceptional yoga experiences, educational programs, intentional partnerships and a hOMe where community and individuals are encouraged to live into their fullest potential.


Stepping into The River is an unforgettable experience. The River is a beautiful, safe and welcoming space flowing with united and inspired people. The River is hOMe. Those that enter feel seen, heard, known, and lovingly challenged.  The environment is one of openness and acceptance, where we take risks from a place of compassion so that we can clearly see, realize, and actualize our personal potential.

As teachers and students of The River, we create the best yoga experience possible for everyBODY and all walks of life. We seek to see the light in each person, speak truth, honor difference and reclaim respect and appreciation for our bodies. We are influencers in our communities. We believe in one another’s  dreams and celebrate individual and communal life-changes, as well as our unfolding personal legends. We exemplify what it means to live our yoga on and off the mat. Our yoga moves through the self, past the self, and into oneness in the world, creating deeper relationships inside and outside our River “banks”.

Every day, a steady stream of people visit The River. We leave with our fires stoked and our edges softened; enlivened and empowered to practice in a way that challenges boundaries, shifts perspectives and allows for continual growth. We are more fully ourselves, and more deeply connected.

We belong – the River chose you…and me….and us.

We flow on.


Loving Kindness (Metta). Community. Integrity. Growth. Excellence. Celebration.

Meet the Staff

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

200 RYT Warrior Academy and 200hr RYT Samadhi

Anthony's Teaching Style: Anatomical; Soulful; Intentional; Whimsical.

Breath is life. The breath survived the fall, and consciousness remained intact through the years of abuse. Even the body was repaired and rebuilt. The ego was shattered. Drug and alcohol addiction were nearly the demise of this young fool, but he learned to breathe deeply through the wickedest pains and nastiest tricks of the mind in times of fear and delirium tremens. The alchemy of the breath transformed pain into pleasure, and addiction into freedom. This yoga stuff WORKS.

Years later, Anthony has over 400 hours of training, and over 700 hours of public teaching experience. His first 200hr YTT in 2015 with Scott Anderson at Warrior Academy Yoga offered an unparalleled biomechanical foundation for the physical science of yoga. Graduating his second 200hr YTT from Samadhi Center for Yoga in Spring 2017, Anthony integrated a much subtler, meditative, and healing modality of practice and transmission. He has also studied with world class teachers like David Swenson, and Ana Forrest. Currently he is completing a 300hr program at Axis Yoga, and studying to become a NASM CPT with a Corrective Exercise Specialization. The journey evolves. More about Anthony here...

Andrea Webber

Andrea Webber

200 RYT - River Graduate

Andrea's Teaching Style: Total Domination, Rooted, Energetic, Spirited & FUN!

Andrea’s journey with yoga began in 2002 during college, where she discovered the solution to clear a busy mind. This personal practice has continued in her past three years in the River community. She is dedicated to mediation through breath, movement, music, and core. Her classes incorporate the playful side of yoga but most of all refine the confidence within the roots of all of us. She is an inextinguishable bright light who is outshined only by her students.   


Andy Jans

Andy Jans

River Graduate - 200 RYT

Andy Jan’s Teaching Style: grounding, challenging, fun, powerful, metta

I first started practicing yoga to compliment my sports and fitness routine, but what brings me back to my mat time and again are the many other benefits yoga provides. Yoga has changed my life for the better and I can't even think of where I would be had it not come to me. I have been inspired by so many teachers in the handful of years that I have been practicing. As a teacher, I aim to inspire others in the way my teachers have inspired me. My goal as a teacher is to guide my students to the place where they use their own practice to discover their true self.

Ashley Goodwin

Ashley Goodwin

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified

Teaching style: Heartfelt, Rhythmic, Vibrant, Passionate, Nurturing

Ashley believes that yoga is about connecting mind, body, spirit, AND community. She came to yoga when her mom became ill, and yoga has had a positive impact on her life ever since. She loves to incorporate story, music, art, and play into her Young Warrior's classes!

Bri Hoskins

Bri Hoskins

Studio Assistant

Accessible, caring, and optimistic
In a time of uncertainty yoga was how I discovered what it is like to be me. My practice teaches me to respect myself and to question my limits. I am deeply grateful for my home at the River and my job is to help others find a safe space here too.
Dr. Christa Schwind, Ph.D.

Dr. Christa Schwind, Ph.D.

200 RYT, Co-Lead for 200 Hour YTT

Dr. Christa Schwind teaches South Asian and Comparative Religions at the University level as well as being co-leader of the River yoga 200 hour teacher-training program. She is also a mama of two young boys, a Lululemon ambassador and a nationally recognized educator of yoga asana, history and philosophy.

Christen Bakken

Christen Bakken

500 E-RYT, Bhakti Flow 500hr - Young Warriors Founder

Christen's Teaching Style: Inspired, Energetic, Fun, Moving, Intention-filled

Christen’s yoga journey began in 1998 in a studio that provided a safe and secure place to practice. She saw the yoga mat as a place to remember her purpose and a place to play. As a Bhakti Flow teacher, Christen infuses yoga with devotion and the yoga mat becomes a place of personal transformation and healing. Her classes are filled with laughter, song, celebration, and usually backbends.

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith

500 Hour RYT - River Graduate

Courtney's Teaching Style: Energetic, fun, empowering, compassionate, hands on

Courtney discovered yoga back in 2002 as a compliment to her dance training. Yoga has since evolved as a route to connecting with herself and others. She loves her hOMe at the River because of its genuine, welcoming community.  She is so grateful to be a part of it and for the opportunity to guide and connect with her students.

Danielle Barbeau Cook

Danielle Barbeau Cook

Managing Partner, 200 RYT

Danielle's Teaching Style: Nurturing, Thoughtful, Fluid, Creative, Warm

Danielle's classes play with the dance between breath and moment, focus and fun. Danielle completed her RYT-200 in 2010 and has a background in vinyasa and anusara. She is also a certified children's yoga teacher and loves sharing yoga with little ones. Danielle is the Managing Partner at The River.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Young Warriors Certified

Imran's teaching style: Meditative, Flowing, Fun, Practical, and Mindful.

Imran took his first yoga class in 2010. He grew up very active, participating in activities such as scuba diving, swimming, playing soccer, surfing, practicing Wing Chun, Karate, and gardening.   Yoga allows Imran to meditate with movements. Since he still finds it challenging sitting still. He allows his practice to strengthen his awareness, discipline, ultimately improving his concentration. He began teaching children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, pranayama and a asanas on Oahu in 2013. There he witnessed the positive impact yoga could bring children of different capabilities. In March 2016 he graduated from the Young Warriors Teacher program at the River.

Izzi Siliato

Izzi Siliato

200 hr RYT - River Graduate

Izzi’s teaching style: soothing, connective, melodious, thoughtful, imaginative

After practicing yoga on and off for about seven years, Izzi completed The River’s summer 2016 YTT to develop a deeper and more meaningful practice. She has since been dedicated to her growth at The River, and she is honored to share energy within this beautiful community. Izzi finds inspiration by drawing connections between her interpretations of the philosophy of yoga, her knowledge of psychology and human development, and her love of musical expression.

Joy Wegs

Joy Wegs

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified, Retail Manager

Joy’s Teaching Style: Light, Bright, Challenging, Playful, Upside down

Joy's style of teaching is light, bright, challenging and a little upside down! She has a playful way of bringing you back to your childhood and back the your freedom by gently challenging all the things you CAN do!

Kady Lafferty

Kady Lafferty

Assistant Manager and River Graduate - 200 RYT

Kady's teaching style: Light-hearted, accommodating, playful, genuine and grounding.
 Kady is a firm believer that yoga is accessible and beneficial to everyBODY and teaches in a way that modifies and gives options for all levels. Her teaching often touches on a body positive dharma- as a plus size yogi she can personally speak to the acceptance she has found for her body through yoga and meditation, but that doesn't mean her classes aren't vigorous. Yoga significantly changed Kady's life in so many positive ways that she wanted to share the magic with others, so she became a teacher. A member of The River community for quite a while, she jumped on the opportunity to become a part of the management team and hasn't looked back once. She also founded Big Booty Yoga and jokes saying she is "breaking the yoga stereotype one chubby chatarunga at a time!"
Katy Rowe

Katy Rowe

Studio Manager, 500 Hour RYT, 200 Hour E-RYT, Accessible Yoga Certified

Katy’s Teaching Style: genuine, awake, intense, humor and solidarity
Katy found yoga 10 years ago at her father’s insistence. It was not love at first pose. She says something deeper kept her returning to the sometimes painful reflection of her mat. Life just kept leading her back to yoga and the teaching of. Katy has been a steward of yoga for 8 years. She loves sharing this ancient wisdom and medicine with whomever will listen.

Kim Roecker Soults

Kim Roecker Soults

200 RYT, Accessible Certified

Kim's Teaching Style: creative, fresh, inspiring, dharma-filled, accessible 
A former professional ballet dancer, Kim was drawn to yoga’s therapeutic properties over ten years ago when she rediscovered her relationship with her body through yoga. Kim has been teaching in the Denver area since 2012 and has quickly skyrocketed as an emerging teacher leading public workshops and trainings for yoga teachers and health professionals in respected studios and festivals across Colorado. Kim specializes in Adaptive Yoga as trained by Matthew Sanford, which has influenced all her offerings.

Kim is keenly aware of how yoga transforms the body and mind, opens the heart and soothes the spirit. She seeks to make the tremendous healing properties of yoga accessible to all.


Kristen Boyle

Kristen Boyle

Kristen’s Teaching Style: Precise, Thoughtful, Unique, Dancerly, Fire
Kristen's teaching embodies the spiritual roots of yoga philosophy in a creative alignment-based Vinyasa practice. A teacher first, Kristen enjoys watching students' practices - and lives - transform.  Kristen is serious about the practice, yet engaging; she challenges common thinking and encourages you to explore from your foundation physically, intellectually and spiritually.
Kristen trains and mentors teachers, is a Certified Thai Massage Therapist, and also teaches Corporate and Private Yoga Lessons. Online classes are at YogaDownload, www.yogadownload.com. To track Kristen down online or the schedule an appointment read her blog or to learn more, her website is www.indieflowyoga.com.
Lauralyn Sullivan

Lauralyn Sullivan

200 RYT and Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified

Lauralyn's teaching style: Compassionate, Intuitive, Engaging, Creative, Inclusive

Lauralyn teaches from her heart creating playful and engaging yoga themes centered around compassion. In her classes kids will enjoy learning poses through creative movement and expression.  Lauralyn is passionate about providing a healthy skill set for kids through incorporating stress management techniques that apply mindfulness and utilization of the breath in her classes.

Maddy Murphy

Maddy Murphy

Studio Assistant and Young Warriors Certified

My love for yoga emerged from something that at the time I wasn't quite so loving about at the time. I danced classical ballet my up until my sophomore year of College. The day I quit ballet and stepped on the mat was the day I fell in love with Yoga. After moving from Cleveland, Ohio to Denver in May of 2016 for a job in the music industry The River became my home instantly. A friend recommended The River to me so I tried it out and I have to admit I have never left and (as long my geological location supports it) I never will. 

Someday I will become a certified yoga teacher. As of now I am fully immersed in the business behind it. My interests are very straight-forward, music and yoga. Luckily, I am creating a life that is based around just that. I am blessed to be apart of such a wonderful space filled with even more wonderful people. I am thankful for The River and even more thankful to call it my hOMe. 
Madison Salavec

Madison Salavec

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified, Communications Manager

Madison’s Teaching Style: energetic, creative, encouraging, playful and inspiring.

While Madison has been doing yoga poses for over 10 years, prior to her move to Denver, her career-focused, NYC advertising life didn’t yield much space for her to really practice yoga in all of its amazing forms. On a mission to simplify her life and get more in touch with herself and her hobbies, Madison left NYC in the fall of 2013 and ended up just a few blocks from The River. For the first time in her life, she discovered the mental power of yoga and today credits yoga for her much happier and healthier lifestyle. Learning how to breathe, control her monkey mind and project positive thoughts into the universe are by far the greatest gifts yoga has given her.   Yoga saved Madison from herself and prevented her from missing out on the (current) best years of her life. Because of that, she wants to share yoga with everyone she can. While there was surely an instant love connection between Madison and The River through her personal practice, over time she’s immersed herself even further into the community.   

Megan Smith

Megan Smith

500 RYT and Lead Studio Assistant

Teaching Style: Intention filled, empowering, thoughtful, fun, filled with funky tunes

Megan’s yoga journey began during her 200- hour training at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado. While she had practiced yoga many times, she was unaware of what she was diving into with teacher training. She began to unfold the layers of herself as she began to create space for healing and love. A fire was lit inside of Megan as she continued to dig deeper with the 300-hour training at The River. Megan believes that Yoga is truly a journey to the inner most depths of ourselves where we can begin to nurture, build and expand into our fullest potential. In her classes she creates a safe space for students to breath, smile, explore themselves, build strength, flexibility and a whole lot of self-love.

Megan Whiteside

Megan Whiteside

200 RYT

Megan's Teaching Style: Lighthearted, playful, Informative, joyful, dynamic

Megan's teaching style is rooted in many years of a dedicated and varied practice in multiple disciplines and traditions of yoga. Having done multiple teacher trainings both in Colorado and New York City, her teaching method is infused with a uniquely blended vinyasa framework influenced by Katonah Yoga, a practice rooted in geometric alignment principals, pranayama, and Taoist theory. With a background in extreme sports, her classes are full of creative sequences that are playful yet challenging, and her lighthearted attitude and playlists will always put a smile on your face. Her goal is to make yoga accessible, enjoyable, and informative for everybody so they can connect with themselves and live life at a higher frequency.

Melanie Brochard

Melanie Brochard

River Graduate - 200 RYT

Melanie’s Teaching Style: Warm, inviting, musically driven, heartfelt, and challenging.
Melanie found yoga after the birth of her second son in 2009. She immediately fell in love with the physical practice and soon realized that there was much more to it than just "asanas", she found a mental clarity and calmness that she didn't realize she had been missing, and was grateful for. Melanie was part of the River's inaugural teacher training course and is excited to begin teaching classes. She hopes to provide a warm and inviting space, similar to those that she is drawn to.
Molly Grove

Molly Grove

RYT 200, Yoga for The Special Child Licensed, taught in India, Thailand, Spain, and US

Molly’s Teaching Style: hands-on, loving, adaptable, motivating, and focused

The idea of teaching yoga was something I never thought about, I practiced regularly but wasn't confident enough to teach. But everything changed when a 50 year old Catholic Nun in India asked me to teach yoga to a group of 60 differently-abled kids and adults, the only answer was yes. That was the beginning of my love affair with the transformational process that yoga provides and ever since I have been teaching and loving every minute of it!

Mona Akbari

Mona Akbari

River Graduate - 200 RYT

Teaching style: Potent, Empowering, Fiery, Passionate, Exploratory and Multifaceted

Mona loves yoga with every cell of her body, and she travels the world with her yoga mat. She eagerly shares this passion while teaching. Mona is a strong advocate for self-exploration and feels that yoga is the ultimate way to tap into the strengths of mind and body. She feels that coming to know one’s limitations and edges is crucial to self-development. Her classes are fiery and empowering, inviting the participants to investigate their entire being and expand their horizons. Mona believes that yoga and meditation can become a lifestyle and a life long journey to wholeness, and eagerly strives to share this journey with her students.

Monica Graves

Monica Graves

Young Warriors Certified & River Graduate - 200 RYT

Teaching style: Compassionate, Intuitive, Dynamic, Musical, Conscious

After a few years of dabbling in yoga classes here and there, an inclination to shift her perspective and an urgency to heal her overall well being led Monica to open her heart and deepen her practice. Through yoga she has experienced the transformative power created when we listen and B R E A T H. She recognizes how we can use these aspects off our mats as well to nurture our souls and change our reality. A Buffalo, NY native, Monica received her Master of Music Education and has been teaching and especially learning from children of all ages in a variety of settings, from public school to private lessons. After years of teaching music and dance it felt natural to extend her teaching practice through yoga and completed her Kids Yoga certification with Yoga For Young Warriors. She is energized by the warm, uplifting cOMmunity at The River and feels blessed to have crossed paths. Monica brings her musicianship and a playfulness to her teaching and is continually inspired by learning through children's eyes and hearts. She aspires to encourage and guide those around her to shine their light.

Paige Butkus

Paige Butkus

200 RYT

Paige’s teaching style: Creative, Freeing, Layered, Challenging, and Fun
Paige discovered yoga in 2006 and received her certification in 2007. She has been consistently teaching at least 4 vinyasa yoga classes a week since getting certified. Yoga has taught Paige that just like life, the yoga practice is always changing and evolving as we learn about ourselves on the deepest level.
Rachael Jacobs

Rachael Jacobs

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified

Rachael's Teaching Style:joyful, contemplative, light-hearted, energetic, intentional

Rachael found yoga while searching for healing. The supportive community, focus on breath to movement and positive messages emphasized in classes are reasons why Rachael calls The River hOMe. Rachael incorporates self-acceptance and lightness to her teaching style in hopes of helping both young and old souls see the beauty that resides in everyone.

Rossi Dimitrova

Rossi Dimitrova

River Graduate - 200RYT, Align and Burn Certified, Young Warriors Kids Yoga Certified, Yoga for Trauma Addiction and Recovery Education

Rossi’s Teaching Style: Strengthening, Patience, Intentional, Hands-on, Sensual

Rossi grew up in Bulgaria. She’s been practicing yoga on and off for years and finally found her hOMe at the River in 2013. Rossi is eager to share her love for yoga and keeps her sights open to learn from each of her students. She believes children are our future. She is a mother of two and hopes her children will share her passion of yoga and also,that yoga gives them the proper tools to go through the world with mindfulness and a gentle heart.

Samy Mattei

Samy Mattei

River Graduate - 200 RYT, Young Warriors Kid Yoga Certified, Accessible Yoga Certified

Samy’s Teaching Style: Magnetic, Fun, Accessible, Encouraging, and ‘Magical’!

Samy is a people-loving, soul-stirring energy-magnet. Her teaching is inspired by connection with Self and others, high-vibrational music, playful practice and a sprinkle of “yoga magic”. She’s uniquely impassioned to teach yoga to people from all walks of life; aspiring to create an ever-growing community of inclusion, wellness and bliss.

Wellness Providers

Try our Wellness Membership | Unlimited Yoga + 1 Wellness Treatment a month for $160/month
Wellness Membership

At The River, we believe in holistic health and wellness, which is why we’ve developed the Wellness Membership. For just $160/month, you can enjoy unlimited yoga and one wellness treatment a month from one of our providers. Wellness members also benefit from all other perks of membership including additional fitness classes through Fitness in the City and Rhythm Revolution,  as well as discounts on retail, workshops and trainings. Become a Wellness Member today! 

Massage Therapy

Naomi Ochoa

CNMT, Reflexology Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports & Medical Massage

Naomi Ocha is an integrative therapist, utilizing her extensive knowledge in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Energy Work, Reflexology, Sports, Prenatal and Medicinal Massage to provide an intuitive and nurturing customized setting. She has been practicing in the Golden Triangle for 6 years and has refined her skills in a spa setting. She believes she has knack for combining good therapeutic work with a relaxing experience. She received her AOS at the Colorado School of Healing Arts with certifications in Neuromuscular Massage and Reflexology.

“My philosophy on yoga and massage: they go hand in hand. I especially love Restorative Yoga for the gentle,  yet trans-formative aspect it brings to a well balanced practice. Massage and Restorative Yoga are the Yin to power/cardio yoga’s Yang. The River is my hOMe, and I have felt the love since the first time I stepped through the door.”

Book an appointment today!

Hours: Sundays 10:00am-2:00pm // Wednesday and Thursday 3:00-7:00pm

Contact Info:  (720) 422-5060  or  joyfulgrrl8a@yahoo.com

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Network Chiropractic Therapy

Dr. Mark Armbruster

Specializing in Network Care & Light Force Chiropractic 

Light Force Chiropractic means exactly what is says; a “light” force or touch is used to release the holding tensions along and around the spine. Instead of moving, cracking or popping just one vertebrae, as you would in a typical chiropractic appointment, the entire vertebral column is adjusted and released by your body’s own natural energy while being guided by gentle contacts along and around the spinal column.

What to expect:

  • Clients lay comfortably as gentle contacts are made along the spine, each with resting periods in between
  • No hard force, popping or cracking of the joints occurs
  • With each adjustment the body naturally directs the bones and muscles into place, rather than forcing them
  • Each contact point is made at the “anchors” of resolved tension that the body has stored, and cannot release itself

Health Benifits

  • Improved Physical State: relieves neck and back pain, headaches, colds and flus
  • Improved Mental & Emotional Wellness: positive feelings about self, less heavy feelings and anger, less anxiety and fears
  • Improved Response to Stress: feeling more relaxed and stress free
  • Improved Life Enjoyment: Able to participate in sports and exercise more effectively, greater feelings for healthier choices

About Dr. Mark Armbruster, D.C.

Born in Denver, he is a third generation chiropractor and has been practicing the art of mind and body healing since 1987. He was raised with the belief that we should allow our bodies the opportunity to heal holistically before turning to Western Medicine. From Colorado to Santa Monica, California and then to Durban, South Africa, he has assisted thousands of patients through their self-healing journey. Dr. Mark Armbruster offers state-of-the-art Chiropractic Network Care. His approach captures the interconnectedness of the body & mind to improve overall function and quality of life through the releasing of old locked tension patterns in the spine.

Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:00-5:30pm

Contact Info : (303) 242 8089  or  www.armchiro.com


Paige Butkus

Specializing in Holistic Nutrition & Ayurvedic Health

Back in 2005, Paige was honorably discharged from the United States Army and moved to Colorado in 2006. She’d arrived to Colorado physically and spiritually unwell while dealing with depression, anxiety, digestive issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder. She knew she needed to take action and make some drastic changes in her life. A friend took her to her first yoga class and she quickly knew that yoga was going to help her heal. She was encouraged to take teacher training through CorePower Yoga and became a 200-hour certified power vinyasa teacher in 2007. Yoga taught her how to take care of herself on the deepest level including what she ate. Having been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, she knew not only what she ate triggered symptoms, but also how she ate and in what mental state mattered. She became interested in learning more about nutrition and decided to go to school. In May 2015, Paige received her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Nutrition with a minor in Integrative Therapeutic Practices. Now she is on my path as a Holistic Nutritionist teaching others what she’s learned in order to help them realize their full potential toward health and happiness.

Her Philosophy: “Many of us have gotten out of touch with the connection to our bodies and our food. What I want to do for people is to help bring them back to basics and get to the roots of good nutrition. There is not a one-size-fits-all diet that exists in the world. We each have different needs and desires. Through using the practice of yoga off of our mats we can find ways to be more present in our choices with nutrition. I am here to help you discover what is holding you back in order for you to feel your best.”


Nutrition Screening, Counseling, and Education
Individualized Meal Planning (all backgrounds, ages, and disease states)
Ayurveda Nutrition
Lifestyle Medicine Therapy
Weight Management
Mindful Eating Techniques
Digestive Healing

Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine

katieKatie Hale (by referral)

Dipl. OM.,L.Ac. (adult & pediatric)

When was the last time you were at the doctor and you felt heard? Not just a quick once over but looked in the eye and saw compassion from your practitioner? Katie Hale, Dipl. OM.,L.Ac. aka True North Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine is here to do just that. Katie’s treatments will help you feel supported, whole, healthy and happy, all while helping you find your health’s true north.

Why acupuncture & oriental medicine?

Acupuncture & Oriental medicine is one of the fastest growing forms of health care in the United States. Proven to be an effective treatment for allergies, women’s health, pregnancy, infertility, pediatrics, digestive issues, menopause, relaxation, internal illness, sleep disorders, fatigue, stress reduction, pain, and more.

What does a treatment look like?

We will be focusing on you. Katie’s philosophy is to provide the highest standard of care, always focusing on the person as a whole. You will never feel rushed through the healthcare / healing process. Her holistic approach combine’s acupuncture, herbal medicine, visceral manipulation, diet/nutrition counseling, lifestyle support and more.


“I was inspired on a bright new path after finding that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helped with my life long struggle with digestion. Finally, a medicine that listened, treated me as a whole, and actively made me feel better (without the use of pharmaceuticals…what a concept!). I took a big leap and went back to school. Graduating from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’m board certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and certified by the National Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).”

Prices & packages:

  • Initial treatment – $100
  • Follow-up treatment – $70
  • Herbal consultation – $30*
  • Pediactric treatment- $45

(*plus price of herbs)

Contact Info: 720-722-2865  or  katie@truenorthdenver.com